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Hope for the future
Real athletes eat potatoes!
A Family Business
An Oregon Family Farm
An excellent description from planting to processing of the Russet Burbank.

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Kids decide yellow versus purple
Food Network - Grandma Jean's Potato Salad is a classic


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Key Nutrients

potato nutrition infoPotatoes are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat.They have fewer calories than a grapefruit, more potassium than a banana and more usable iron than any other vegetable.

Amazing Potato Recipes

Douglas Fir Roasted AmaRosa Fingerling Potatoes “Hasselback style”
Grilled Multi Color Summer Potato Salad with Watercress, Green Onion and Pepper Bacon/Gorgonzola Vinaigrette
Sage Roasted Fingerlings with Aoli
Twice-Baked Gruyère Potatoes with Lots of Green Onions