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Food Banks Score Big With Potato Bet on OSU vs WSU game October 17, 2015

Food Banks Score Big With Potato Bet on OSU vs WSU game October 17, 2015

The October 17th 52-31 victory by the WSU Cougars against the OSU Beavers in Pullman will be felt by more than just the players and fans of both teams. With a combined score of 83 points, food banks will prove to be the true winners of the contest.  The Washington State Potato Commission (WSPC) and Oregon Potato Commission (OPC) not only teamed up before the game to serve free baked potatoes to fans while collecting more than $600 in cash donations for Second Harvest. An additional element was also added to help those in need.

The two groups placed a friendly wager on the game. The bet was that for every point scored during the game, 500 pounds of potatoes would be donated to a food bank in the winning team’s state. The donation to be made by the commission and growers whose team ended up on the losing end. Based on the outcome of Saturday’s game, the OPC owes food banks in Washington State 41,500 pounds of potatoes. 

Although WSU won the game, Oregon and Washington State food banks will be able to enjoy the winnings. The WSPC will match the bet and also donate 41,500 pounds of potatoes to local food banks. As a result, food banks throughout Washington and Oregon will see a total of 83,000 pounds of potatoes arriving at their doors.

“The outcome of the game isn’t as much about which commission will have bragging rights for the next year, it is much more about helping our local food banks during the fast approaching holiday season when their needs are the greatest,” said Chris Voigt, WSPC Executive Director. “That is why we are more than happy to match the bet for such a worthwhile cause of helping those in our communities.”

It is pretty remarkable to think that 83,000 pounds of potatoes will be going to food banks in both states,” said Bill Brewer, Executive Director for the OPC.  “We have worked with food banks in Oregon for many years and we realize that they are often busiest during the holiday season. It is great to know this donation will help area food banks during this critical time.”

Both organizations will be working with their local food banks in each state to arrange for the delivery of potatoes in the upcoming weeks. It is estimated that this donation of 83,000 pounds of potatoes will provide more than 250,000 servings to people throughout Washington and Oregon.

Even though the game is finished, it is never too late for people to make a donation to help fight hunger. To make a donation or to learn more about how you can help, please visit http://www.farmersendinghunger.com/