Meet the Commissioners
Dan Chin, Mark Ward, Lon Baley, Leif Benson, Nels Iverson,
Mike Macy, Marty Myers, Jeff Urbach, Rob Wagstaff, and Dan Walchli

OPC Mission Statement

The Oregon Potato Commission is one of 23 agricultural commodity commissions in Oregon and was formed in 1949 to represent the potato industry in educational, trade development, research, legislative affairs, and public relations activities. Growers from five potato producing districts in Oregon (Blue Mountain, Central Oregon, Klamath, Malheur and Willamette Valley) are appointed to serve as commissioners. A public member also serves on the Commission. Ex-officio on the Commission include representatives of the Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University.

Development of sales and markets for Oregon's potato crop is one of the Commission's roles. Programs are designed to improve Oregon's market share in-state and in other prominent West Coast markets. Export markets for processed potato products and, increasingly, fresh potatoes and raw product are also included in market development and promotional programs in the Pacific Rim and other market areas.

The Commission's largest budget item is for a series of ongoing research programs in cooperation with Oregon State University. The results of these programs place Oregon among the top in the United States in potato production volume and yield per acre.

Commission Members

Commissioner's Name
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District Represented Term
Dan Chin, Chairman Klamath Basin District (Klamath Falls) 6/30/18
Mark Ward, Vice Chairman Member At Large (Baker) 6/30/16
Lon Baley Klamath Basin District (Malin) 6/30/16
Leif Benson Public Member (Welches) 6/30/15
Nels Iverson Willamette Valley District (Jefferson) 6/30/17
Mike Macy Central Oregon District (Culver) 6/30/17
Marty Myers Blue Mountain District (Hermiston)
Jeff Urbach Handler Member (Hermiston) 6/30/16
Dan Walchli Blue Mountain District (Hermiston) 6/30/16
Rob Wagstaff Malheur District (Nyssa) 6/30/18

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